Spring – The Dawn of the Lawn Growing Season

Spring has finally and formally sprung. Though the UK weather is as changeable and unpredictable as ever, when it comes to lawns we can officially say that the growing season has begun.

The main grass growing season is April and May, though the growing period does run through spring, summer and autumn.

This is now the time when ideally, the grass should be mown at least once a week, taking care to not mow too short. Short grass can lead to scorching which can restrict growth. Short grass also runs out of energy and can become weak and unhealthy. The perfect height to cut your grass is 1 ½ to 2 inches allowing it to reach its best potential and remain strong and healthy.

From now (spring) and through to the end of the growing period (autumn), we at Top Lawn start adding low release fertilisers to deliver nutrients for the plant to thrive. We carefully manage this to ensure continuous progress and support for the lawn through all the seasons. Herbicides are applied at the same time as the fertiliser.

All lawns contain a significant number of weeds through the seasons and invariably different weeds thrive at different parts of the seasons and require different materials to deal with them. Top Lawn uses a variety of herbicides to control the vast majority of weeds throughout the growing season to maintain a healthy lawn all year round. We have been in the business of lawn care, looking after gardens around the South West of England for many years are know the exact products to use for lawns to look their very best.

For great lawn care, it’s important to know the best times to carry out the key maintenance steps, and to note what matters when. Here at Top Lawn, we have years of experience in making sure our customers’ lawns are tip-top all year round.

Your local lawn specialists Top Lawn offer both standard and bespoke programmes of treatments for both domestic and commercial clients of varying lawn sizes from pocket squares to the grounds of country homes. The soil type will also influence the treatment programme we recommend. Each area in the UK can have a different soil type. Typically, in the very south, the soil is quite acidic. Top Lawn products are all purchased with this in mind and are sympathetic to higher levels of acidity.

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