Patchy Lawns – And How to Treat Them

You may not have heard of fusarium patch but you will probably have seen small patches of rusty brown/orange turf on a lawn, or even your own lawn. These small spots are usually fusarium patch and can develop into much larger patches and spread and merge together and can create a large and unsightly problem if left untreated.

What is fusarium patch

Fusarium patch, also commonly called Snow mould (as it is often appears following snow thaws), tends to appear in autumn and winter following particularly mild yet wet weather. It can however appear any time if the conditions allow it to thrive.

How is fusarium spread

Fusarium patch is spread across lawns through infected gardening equipment or footwear as well as through infected grass cuttings.

Where does fusarium thrive?

Some grass species are more susceptible to fusarium. Some grass species will recover quicker than others. However, any type of grass species and therefore lawn can be affected by fusarium.

How to get rid of fusarium patch

The best line of defence for fusarium patch is a well-managed lawn with regular treatments as well as knowing which treatments to use when. Our programmes of treatment with fertilisers and herbicides plus regular scarification and aeration are the most efficient methods of keeping a lawn fusarium free. A well-drained, well-treated and well-managed lawn with will provide a less favourable environment for the disease to grow. That said, fusarium can be dealt with using an application of fungicides. There are two types of fungicide, contact and systemic.

Contact fungicides – Contacts remain on the outside of the plant and form a protective barrier against diseases that penetrate the leaf blade.

Systemic fungicides – Systemics enter inside the plant and travel throughout the plant’s vascular system. They are both protective and curative before and after the disease has started.

Where possible we seek the most ecologically and environmentally safe products including organic fertilisers and treatments.

How Top Lawn can help

As fusarium patch is relatively easy to identify we can sweep in when an infection is spotted and start a programme of treatment to bring the lawn back to a tip top standard as dictated by the seasons. Get in touch today for a quote.