Case Studies

Mr D B’s Lawn restoration – 2020

Before treatment picture of a lawn

Before work started – February 2020

During treatment picture of a lawn

During treatment – August 2020

After treatment image of a lawn

Progress update – September 2020

In February 2020 Mr D B called Top Lawn in desperation, his lawn had been recently laid  yet there was virtually no grass left and he was devastated.  After a very intensive programme Mr D B is once again very proud of his lawn. 

The rapid improvement of this lawn can be attributed to 3 main factors:

  1. Mr D B wanted the condition improved quickly, so he allowed Top Lawn to carry out extensive treatments.
  2. Mr D B followed directions to cut the grass to a height of no less than 1.5 inches, regularly twice a week.
  3. The lawns were watered regularly to combat the effects of the extremely dry spring and summer.

Mr A D – Customer since 2013

After treatment picture of a lawn

Top Lawn have been looking after this lawn since 2013. It is one of the larger lawns that we look after.

Mr A D was very kind and wrote a review that to this day still gives me great pleasure to read. It demonstrates very much the ethos of the Top Lawn team. 

Testimonial from Mr A D:

“Frankly, I had abandoned hope.  My 2 acres had been surrendered to weeds and moss over 17 years.  The area was too big for me to even begin to put right alone.

I sought expert help – and chose to use Robert and his team.  Great decision! In just 12 Months, I have recovered a magnificent lush, green lawn that I never expected to see again.

I happily recommend Robert and his team.  They know what they are talking about.”

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