Lawn Restoration

Our top tips for lawn care restoration are to make you sure you keep on top of your lawn all year round. If you keep on top of it and make sure it’s treated with an annual programme you will have far less restoration to do. Failing that though, you can call in the experts (us) for if and when your lawn needs some extra TLC.

Knowing when to do what, ie the right time to mow, the right time to scarify, to aerate, and what treatments to use when are key to a great looking lawn all year round.

You may have patches of lawn that need extra treatment or the whole area/garden may need some restorative redress. It may be that some of your lawn is in the shade of a large tree or shrub, or gets more use than other areas. And it may need a combination of treatments to bring it back to a healthy state.

We can get one of our experienced lawn care experts to come and take a look and hatch an affordable plan. Our plan will depend on the time of year, as like we said already, knowing what to do when is key. For example, we will only recommend aerating when the soil is moist enough for the aerator blades to pierce the soil. Aeration is vital for many reasons, but primarily it ensures the nutrients can easily reach the root system which then encourages stronger growth and healthier grass. This healthier grass in turn helps the lawn fight off diseases such as redthread, fusarium patch, dollar spot, and dry patch which can affect the lawn aesthetically for months if not treated. Aeration also helps cut down moss, as moss thrives in a situation whereby soil is compacted and the grass then finds it difficult to grow

Thatchy patches are another area where restoration is needed. We do this through scarification. Thatchy patches are in fact dead dry grass trapped in the lower grass layer. Scarifying removes this spongy layer of dead material and allows nutrients to reach the soil surface. It’s an essential process to maintain a top-quality lawn and has the same benefits as aerating. When Top Lawn scarifies, a covering of seed is automatically applied as well as a Pre Seed fertiliser. These items provide a return to an aesthetically pleasing and healthy lawn. Both aerating and scarifying should be carried out at least annually to achieve the best results.

The right tools in the hands of the right people get the right results – a top lawn.

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