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For great lawn care it’s important to know the best times to carry out the key maintenance steps. This is an annual process.


  • The New Year is a great time to start thinking about your lawn care plan for the year. Possibly getting the first cut in January or early February.
  • January and February are also ideal months to aerate your lawn as the soil is usually moist, allowing the aerator blade to deeply pierce the soil. This process ensures the nutrients can easily reach the root system. Aeration encourages stronger growth and healthier grass which in turn helps it fight off diseases such as redthread, fusarium patch, dollar spot, dry patch.
  • Springtime, February and March is a great time to start scarifying lawns, an essential process to maintain a top quality lawn.  This process removes dead thatch (dead dry grass trapped in the lower grass layer). By remove this spongy layer of dead material you are allowing nutrients to reach the soil surface. This also has the same benefits as aerating.
  • Both aerating and scarifying should be carried out annually to achieve the best results.
  • The main grass growing season is April and May and ideally you should mow at least once a week but not too short so as to avoid any scorching or restriction to growth. The perfect height to cut your grass is 1 ½ to 2”. Short grass runs out of energy and can become weak and unhealthy.

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Mr A D

"Frankly, I had abandoned hope. My 2 acres had been surrendered to weeds and moss over 17 years. The area was too big for me to even begin to put right alone.

I sought expert help – and chose to use Robert and his team. Great decision! In just 12 months, I have recovered a magnificent lush, green lawn that I never expected to see again. I happily recommend Robert and his team.

They know what they are talking about."

Mrs B N

"Robert prepared a detailed plan to sort out the problems. Thanks to his expert knowledge and the efficiency of the treatment, my lawn already looks so much better. I am amazed at the difference in such a short time.

Six months ago my lawn looked awful, full of moss and weeds with pale starved grass. I thought it was beyond repair. A friend suggested I contact Robert at then Countrywide LawnDoctor (Now Top Lawn) - I am so glad I did.

I am delighted with the Top Lawn service. They are a pleasure to deal with. I have happily recommended them to friends and neighbours."

Captain MJH. -  East Sussex

"When first described to me by Robert Martin of Top Lawn, their Green Keeper programme seemed to be an expensive and over-egged option.  Motivated by the promise I would not regret it if I signed up, I decided to give it a try.  Now several months into the experiment I see why I made the right decision.  Basically without any input from me, save for signing the standing order, the lawn has moved from disaster to wonder.  From a weed infested mess to an area of lush green healthy lawn all in a matter of months it is truly an all-in care programme that seems to be working to perfection.  I commend Robert and his expanding team and I endorse his Green Keeper programme."

Mrs M W

"I have known Robert and his Lawn Treatment business since he started nearly 10 years ago when it was Countrywide LawnDoctor. His professional approach to us and his enthusiastic care of our lawn by himself and his staff have always impressed.

The lawn is in good condition through very wet and very dry times, and much admired by all.“

B B, Eastbourne

"Back in March I called Top Lawn to advise us on our ‘lawns’, an unattractive combination of moss, weeds, various grasses, or no grass at all. The ground was compacted, the soil impoverished, and really I held out little hope that any treatment was worth the effort or expense since the entire area seemed beyond redemption! How wrong could I be. Aeration and various treatments started in April, and in just six months almost the whole area has been vastly improved - we have grass where there was no grass, weeds have been dispatched, and areas that have never seen grass are now greening up. There is more to do - some very difficult dry, shaded areas need further attention, but from results already achieved, I’m confident by the end of next year we’ll have a lawn to be proud of, thanks to the expertise of Robert Martin and his dedicated team.

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