Liam using a green aerator on a lawn

What is Aeration?

Over time your lawn can become compacted by people walking on it and through settlement of the soil.  Aeration is essentially poking holes in the ground, providing a way to let your lawn breathe, help rainwater drain away and nutrients reach the roots of the grass.

Which Machines?

Different soil types require different types of aeration, for example a clay soil would benefit from solid-tines being fitted to the machine.  At Top Lawn we recognise the importance of surveying the lawn before recommending a treatment plan, which enables us to give you the best advice specific for your lawn.

What are the benefits?

Aeration enables the roots of the grass to grow healthier and deeper in the ground, which helps the lawn survive in times of drought.  Air, water and nutrients are able to reach the roots easily which also increases the overall health of the lawn, which in turn helps it fight off diseases such as red thread, fusarium patch, dollar spot and dry patch.  This process is essential for a healthy lawn and should be carried out annually.

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