Lawn Treatments

Keeping your lawn in good health requires ongoing care and the application of the right  treatments for your specific lawn. 

Every lawn has it’s own unique qualities and it’s own issues, to get the best results we will inspect your lawn and recommend a bespoke treatment plan to suit your lawn’s needs. 

Our knowledge and experience of treating lawns will ensure the correct fertilisers and enhancers are used, taking into account the soil type, temperature, moisture and compaction levels as well as the type of grass your lawn is made up of.

Restorative Programme

If your lawn is looking less than it’s best then it may require an intensive programme of treatments and care.

Whether it’s bald or dry patches, lawn rust, fusarium patch disease or another of the multitude of issues a lawn can face, we can assess the problem and treat it.

Bespoke Treatment Package

A set programme of treatment to weed and feed your lawn, normally 6 to 8 weeks apart, dictated by weather and conditions.

Aeration annually in spring and autumn or winter.

Scarification annually in spring or autumn.

Greenkeepers Programme

12-month contract

A monthly visit which includes feeding and weeding as and when required.

Aeration and scarification are each carried out once annually.

Price is based on the lawn size and is quoted individually and paid by monthly standing order.

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